Small Warehouse With Attached Office

Small Warehouse with Attached Office

Do you need a small storage space with an office attached? Well look no further, UCanStore is the ideal provider for all your needs.

Most small to Medium enterprises don’t have the budget nor the necessity for a large, industrial sized warehouse. If you need a safe and secure location to store your stock, and need a small office attached to it for general admin and as a centre of operations, then UCanStore is the way to go.

What Benefits does UCanStore Offer?

There are a great many office blocks as well as storage companies out there. What makes UCanStore special?

Small, convenient size

UCanStore offers small, ideally sized warehouse/office combo plots. Each Micro-Warehouse is a 6m x 3m storage space, with an attached 6m x 3m office space. This gives you 36sqm for you to conduct business for as little as R3500 per month!

Secure Place to Conduct business

There no place more secure than UCanStore in which to conduct your business. The security in this
fenced off storage and office facility is threefold:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week onsite security
  • 3rd Party armed response which patrols the area
  • Offsite CCTV Camera system to ensure nothing gets missed

With a micro-warehouse through UCanStore, you can be assured that your place of operations is in
the safest possible hands.

Central Location

In business, proximity is everything. Having your business in close proximity to your customers means your product spends less time on the road, saving you both time and money. With micro warehouse/office combos in both Sandton and Alberton, UCanStore is the obvious choice for getting your business in a central location.

UCanStore Micro-Warehouse/Office combos are the perfect locations for startups, small to medium enterprises that move stock quickly or even on the road services like plumbers or electricians that need a base of operations. Contact us today to book your unit!

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